Exploring the Unexplored

Monday, 17 August 2009

The Early Research

In 1997, a friend told about vacuum pump mechanism that followed by some small experiment to design it. But all design was fail due to the cavity of water. A simple question appeared. If atmospheric pressure is caused by gravity, why could the air have upward pressure then caused bubbles inside the vacuum pump (figure A1)? It like the air has ‘escape’ from gravity, how the gravity actually “pulls’ the mass of water and air?

Figure A

Simple efforts to understand the cavity phenomenon were analyzing the floating mass (figure B). But this simple analysis were fail to describe how gravity pull a floating mass in the water.

If the mass is floated by the differences of specific mass between water and the ball, then why the ball cannot float on the sand (figure C)?

Perhaps gravity is not as simple as the pull of a mass. Consider that I was second grade of Mechanical Engineering student; this thought was only kept in mind. But, the curiosity of gravity became a trigger to have earlier research for graduate thesis. Then, a research proposal was made in 1999.
The thesis research was designing a power plant than run by combination of ocean wave energy and the energy of gravity. The basic idea of this power plant was to make floating mass and falling mass became the force to pump the air to the air pressure tank (figure D). But the problem was the velocity of floating mass is higher than the falling mass. Therefore, it was difficult to synchronize both velocities.

Figure D

To have more understanding about gravity, I proposed unusual method to expand the research subjects to find more probability to solve my problem. This proposed method was accepted by my lecturer. Then I began to learn about quantum physic and astrophysics to have more identification about gravity. The most interesting system is orbital system that described by Kepler.

Kepler's Law of orbital system states that the line from a planet to the Sun sweeps out equal areas in equal times. Gravity is the key for the existence of orbital system and Kepler shows that the conservation of energy can be expressed in two dimensional shapes (Figure E1). Because the planet moves in planar region, the shape will look like a slice of pizza (figure E2). If the elliptical path of orbit is rotated along y axis and the change rate of planet and sun distance doesn't change, the orbital system will have wider shapes in the three dimensions (figureE3) like opened ice cream cone wrap. Since the change rate of sun and planet distance doesn't change, there no external force being applied. According to Kepler's Law, this wider shape shapes should have higher energy because it swap more space than in two dimensions.

Figure E (1, 2, and 3)

The probability to produce energy from gravity became an idea to change the research subject. Therefore, my lecturer agrees to change my research subject from “Designing Power Plant” became “Probabilistic Studies of Producing Energy from Gravity”.

A mechanism was designed to make a mass moves in a complex three dimensional space (figure F). XYZ is the ground coordinate, x’y’z’ is a coordinate that rotate in X axis, x”y”z” is a coordinate that rotate at y’ axis and mass m rotate in z” axis. x’y’z’ only rotate at about -30 deg to 30 deg.

Figure F

Figure G

Figure H

Figure I

The indication of energy production from gravity becomes one of the conclusions in my thesis. But this conclusion is followed by other conclusion that the probability may cause by iteration error. The thesis is presented in Diponegoro University in August 2002 as my final research examination.

Seven years later, above conclusion should be considered these findings:

There is a difference between my model and ordinary pendulum. Ordinary pendulum will have different acceleration when it swings (figure J). Gravity acceleration on my device is constant at gcos(30deg) (figure K).

Figure J

Figure K

I still cannot find the mathematical calculation to explain that the moon moves away from earth is caused by ocean tides. The only mathematical explanation comes from orbital property number. If this orbital property number equation is applied on the pendulum, the ordinary pendulum has zero orbital property number and the constant acceleration of my device make the system has positive orbital property number like orbital system of moon. The orbital property number for moon and earth is huge; therefore the orbital system of moon produces energy that makes moon moves away from earth at about 3 cm per year.